Thursday, May 8, 2014

Resources for Summer Success for Continuing Students

Whether you’re off to your first summer after your 1L year or your last summer before you graduate, we know you’re off to succeed and take the steps that will help you land the best employment position for you to begin your career. Below are just a few of the books that we have in our collection that will help you make the best of your experience, wherever it may be:

Law School Lowdown : Secrets Of Success From The Application Process To Landing The First Job by Ian E. Scott (2013)

This book has a chapter solely dedicated to how to succeed at your first summer position and use your contacts made during your student work to land a position after graduation.

With a chapter entitled, “Working for Free or Working for Pay, Your First Summer Paves the Way,” and another entitled, “Keys to Ascension: Turning 2L Summer Employment Into A Permanent Offer,” this book provides guidance on how to use your summer position to attain professional success.

This book contains a chapter entitled, “On The Clock: Your First Summer Internship Or Summer Associate Position,” containing tips on how to act professionally and mind your business etiquette during your summer employment.

If you’re ever perplexed or need guidance about how to tackle an assignment, visit us in the Reference Office! We’re here all summer during regular hours to continue to provide you with the legal research assistance we give during the academic year.  You can also e-mail us, call us at 631-761-7160, or chat with us, using the chat function to the right of this post!

We’ll keep posting this month about things you need to know before you go this summer. Our next few posts will address things our graduating students need to know before they go.

In the meantime, keep calm and read on.

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