Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Legal Research Database Access for Graduating Students – May 2014

If you are graduating from Touro Law School in May 2014, first, we must say: Congratulations! We know you are off and away to great things.

Second, did you know that you have continuing access to all the legal research benefits of Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance and Westlaw Next for a period of time after you graduate? You actually do. Below are the rules and guidelines for 2014 post-graduate access to legal research databases:


Graduating students can extend their Westlaw passwords for use after graduation through November 2014. To extend your password, use this link: Extend my Westlaw Password and follow the prompts under “Graduating” (which are located to the right of the page).  Fill out the brief survey to extend your password.

A note about Westlaw points: Filling out the survey to extend your password will earn you 200 Westlaw points. However, you should use your Westlaw points right after you graduate, as your points expire 30 days after graduation and do not last until November.


Graduating students can extend their Lexis access until December 31, 2014. To do so, click this link: Extend my Lexis Password or click the “Grad Access” on your Lexis homepage. Enter your Lexis ID and follow the process to extend your password.

Bloomberg Law

Graduating students have full access to their Bloomberg Law accounts for six months after their graduation date. Your access is preserved automatically – no additional action is required.

We’ll keep posting this month about things you need to know before you graduate this summer.

In the meantime, keep calm and read on.

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