Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Online Library Resources for Bar Exam Study

If you are a graduate of Touro Law who is preparing to sit for the Bar Exam at the end of July, the Gould Law Library offers a variety of current resources that may be useful to you as you begin your formal study program. 

The Gould Law Librarians have prepared a Lib Guide that provides an organized means of perusing the study aids available to you in our library. For those of you who like to study on the go, we have lists of our West subscription study aids and Bar Exam prep apps that you may want to use. 

You may also want to check out these online articles, which offer useful tips about preparing to study for the bar exam in a way that makes your studying work for you:   

Retrieved from Law School Academic Support LawProfs Blog 
Dated May 26, 2014.

       Start Bar Prep Right 
by Matt Racine, Author of Bar Exam Mind 
Retrieved from the Bar Exam Mind Blog  
Dated May 2015.

by Gabriella Khorasanee 
Retrieved from Findlaw Greedy Associates Blog  
Dated November 25, 2013.

Our next post highlights print resources to use to get organized and get ready for the most intense study period of your life - the penultimate task before becoming a practicing attorney.

In the meantime, keep calm and read on. 

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