Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Exhibit: Paula Isenberg ~ A View into the Holocaust

An inspirational exhibit was recently opened at the Gould Law Library, entitled: “Paula Isenberg ~ A View into the Holocaust.” Using original artifacts, books, and documents from Mrs. Isenberg’s life, the exhibit shows how a brave young woman directly participated in the trial of 31 defendants accused of committing war crimes at the first and the largest concentration camp in Germany, called the Buchenwald Camp. During the Holocaust, this camp housed thousands of alleged political prisoners and over 4,000 Jews, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. After enlisting in the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps in 1943, Paula was assigned as a court reporter to the 7708 War Crimes Group in 1947. As a court reporter, she directly witnessed the criminal trials of 31 officers of the Buchenwald Camp. After returning to the United States and retiring from her civilian career as a court reporter, Paula shared her experience at programs and presentations for children and adults, so the memory of her experience would not be lost. At the exhibit, you can see many original artifacts and documents from Mrs. Isenberg’s service to the 7708 War Crimes Group and her presentations and programs made long after her service.

Please take some time to explore the important history of Paula Isenberg, at the Third Floor Exhibit case, next to the Rare Books Room. You can also explore an article about Mrs. Isenberg published in Verve magazine in 2010 here, or register to view Mrs. Isenberg’s video testimony provided to the Survivors of Shoah Visual History Project here. In addition to seeing the original artifacts provided to the exhibit, you can view online artifacts that Mr. and Mrs. Isenberg donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum here.

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