Thursday, June 27, 2013

Literature for Law Students II – Summer’s Subject

How is your summer going? We hope our graduates are doing well and taking care of themselves as they successfully prepare for the bar exam next month. We know you’ll do great! We also hope all of our students are having a wonderful and educational summer.

Have you heard of the The Law School Guys? They run a website that is made for those going through the exciting yet stressful process of applying to law school, and for those in the equally exciting yet equally stressful process of getting through law school.

One of the resources they offer is a list of recommended books to read before you get here. Even if you’re a 2L or a 3L, many of these books are well worth a read. Two of the books on the list were written by Touro Law Center faculty, who clearly know their stuff. They are:

Mastering The Law School Exam : A Practical Blueprint For Preparing And Taking Law School Exams By Professor and Director of Academic Development Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus

Call No. KF 283 .D37 2006 

The law school exam can be a daunting prospect. Professor Kleinhaus takes the uncertainty out of the process by guiding you in “how to do it,” and “how to write it.” Her book will help you along the way to learning how to “think like a lawyer” and also how to successfully bridge the gap from class to exam.

Bridging The Gap Between College And Law School : Strategies For Success By Touro Law Assistant Dean Charlotte D. Taylor & Ruta K. Stropus

Call No. KF283 .S77 2009

Wondering how you can step up your game and translate your success in college to further success in law school? Look no further. This definitive guide will help you successfully navigate the educational terrain of law school, including how to take notes differently, prepare for class differently, and prepare for exams differently than you did in college.

We’ll post again soon with some more interesting reads about the study and the practice of law.

In the meantime, keep calm and read on.

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