Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective Database

The Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective database indexes over 750 legal periodicals published in the United States and other countries. The database covers dates from 1908 to1981. It covers annual surveys of the laws of a jurisdiction and federal courts, yearbooks, annual institutes, as well as annual reviews of the work in a given field or topic. Subject covered included Administrative Law, Antitrust Legislation, Banking, Constitutional Law, Domestic Relations, Environmental Protection, Estate Planning, Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law, International Law, Labor Law, Landlord/Tenant Decisions, Malpractice Suits and more. Access and learn more about this database at:;hwwilsonid=O0CVYIPHELNEJQA3DILCFGOADUNGIIV0?prod=#

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